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One of the primary things to consider when building a new home is taking advantage of natural lighting. At Valley Mountain Homes, we are experts at every aspect of the home building process, including ensuring your home is naturally well-lit. Indeed, there are many benefits to maximizing natural light, including energy cost savings.

One of the main ways to control how light enters your home is through strategically placing windows and skylights during construction. Orienting your windows to the north and south will allow the most natural light. North-facing windows, in particular, let a beautiful diffused light enter your home.

As one of the top contractors and builders in Canada, we are experts at planning for and constructing open floor plans that allow natural light to filter throughout the home. We can maximize the light flow within the same floor and from one floor to another, reducing the need to turn on your lights during the daytime.

Using light-coloured surfaces and light-reflective materials can also help brighten your space. Being one of the most experienced home builders in Red Deer, Canada, we can help you choose the suitable paint types and colours, the ideal furniture finishes, the correct tile and wood floorings, and so much more to ensure a bright and happy home.

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